Sienna Spa in Manchester

The next spa that we shall be looking at is the Sienna Spa for body and mind located in the city of Manchester, England. The reasons that I have decided to look at this spa today is because of the building company Manchester Builders & Construction. They are a group of builders in Manchester, England who renovated the property when it was bought by the current company, and they are the ones who turned me onto this spa. While the building itself is as perfect as can be, you can obviously imagine there are a few things that I am not as happy about with the spa company itself! They are some of the more obvious flaws that I usually find within spa companies, so I am hoping that these do not follow the exact same suit.

The one thing that I really do like when it comes to the Sienna Spa and especially their website is their “about page”, which is more like their home page than anything else. While the other spas have often made the mistake of not adding any information at all to their home page or about page, the Sienna Spa took the opportunity to sell their facility very well. The first paragraph on the about page of Sienna Spa goes into detail regarding their 5-star facilities. They say that they have a spa that will guarantee that you receive a luxurious day within the spa while also having excellent leisure and fitness facilities, meaning that no matter why you visit, you will have an amazing visit. They also explain that no matter who you are with in terms of family, friends or even associates, you will receive the same first-class treatment and atmosphere no matter what.

The spa itself also sells themselves on having a relaxation room. They say that within the relaxation room, the main aim is to allow for comfy seats and gentle lighting mixed with peaceful music to make you feel as comfortable and at home as possible. They also offer herbal tea for free while you are staying, meaning that you can appreciate the tranquillity and peace while taking full advantage of the room itself. The spa will also allow space to cool off from the relaxation room, by taking full advantage of the swimming pool within the facilities. They have a 12-metre decked swimming pool and a poolside lounge for those to relax in while they enjoy their time. Included with this are a Nordic sauna and steam room for customers and clients to use while relaxing. Finally, the most interesting part of the spa poolside is the use of a whirlpool bath with both relaxation therapies and normal traditional heating.

The last real selling point of the spa is the air-conditioned gymnasium that the clients can use. The gym itself like many spas is equipped with the highest quality equipment, using TechnoGym equipment and staff who are professionally trained to help clients use the machines and other pieces of equipment within the gym.

I think personally that the Sienna Spa is the best that we have looked out throughout the blog. The spa itself not only looks amazing and has the facilities to match, but the website itself is just as good.

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