Thai Square Spa

The next spa that we will be looking at within this blog will be the Thai Square Spa in London. According to reviews, it is a spa that is on the same level (if a little bit worse) than the ESPA Life is considered. The spa itself is conveniently located on Northumberland Avenue, which is one of the more classier places in London. The capital city is quite nice, but there are some nice streets and locations within the city itself, and this spa happens to be within one of those very special places. The spa itself also boasts within the website that it is a World Luxury Spa, winning the 2017 World Luxury Spa award. The one thing that this spa suffers from that the previous spa that we reviewed also suffers from, it is a very weak website that will do nothing to attract customers.

The issue with the Thai Square Spa website is that the front page itself simply announces that the spa won an award, and shows a few pictures. That is really all that you would be able to see on the home page of the website. Apart from that, you can see two buttons. One of the buttons say, “View Our Treatments” while the other says “Buy Voucher”. While I will move onto the treatments that the spas offer themselves in a moment, I will say there is something that is inherently wrong with the Buy Voucher idea. The simple problem with it is that you shouldn’t be buying a voucher to begin with. A voucher is meant to offer you a lower price or maybe even a free day of use within the spa itself. You shouldn’t have to pay for the privilege of getting a voucher, since you still must spend money. You don’t save anything.

Now that we have spoken about such a stupid idea, it is time to get into the selling point of the spa itself, which are its treatments. Their most important treatments seem to be the “Body Treatments”, being listed first. The spa itself sells these treatments as exotic treatments which have been inspired by Thai rituals that are said to bestow healing and pleasant effects. Some of these body treatments are also said to give total relaxation within the person being treated, and allows the same client to feel a refreshing, exfoliating and refreshing action.

The next treatment that the spa itself offers are facial treatments, which they sell by first exclaiming that Royal Thai ladies are famous due to their immaculate complexions, whose secret was kept to themselves. I don’t really know where to start with that line, but that is what the spa announced. They also sell their facial treatments by talking about their products, which are apparently made of 7 different Thai flowers pollen, with the mix supposedly contributing to the same immaculate complexion. To be honest, I really couldn’t comment on this at all. This includes the legitimacy of any of the claims they made regarding skin care, or any of the products themselves.

I don’t really want to talk too much about the spa treatments, as I can’t really make heads or tails of how legitimate it is. I will say however, the spa has received decent reviews, so it may be worth checking it out.

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