Pasha Spa

The next spa we will be looking at here at Capital City Spa is the Pasha Turkish Bath & Ottoman Hammam. Now, according to Trip Advisor this is the most recommended spa and wellness centre in the entirety of the capital. From what I can tell however, unlike the building itself the website needs a lot more work done to it. The entire build of the website may be one of the hardest to navigate and ugliest sites that I have ever seen. While I was hoping to click onto a website that is as beautiful as the spa itself seems, and especially as beautiful as the exterior of the building looks, I must say that I am terribly disappointed. IT does not even seem to match the general feel and atmosphere of the spa itself, and if you were to click on the gallery page of the website you would find yourself immersed if the website itself was about to match. If you are the best wellness centre and spa in the entirety of the capital city, you would expect something not only much more professional but also much more appealing and attractive than what you would see.

I do not want to focus too much on the website itself, because then the whole “review” would be incredibly nit-picky and boring. There is one more thing I would like to focus on within the website however. The actual navigation is so incredibly difficult to find information within their own website, that you would almost must look elsewhere to find out anything you would want to know. Their home page is so basic and lacking in important information that there is almost no point to it. You would not find any relevant information, and as best you may find a deal that you could redeem. You will not find any appealing information or any content that would genuinely make you want to visit their establishment. While the actual building is of course important for any business, a website is now the exact same. It is the digital building of your company, and you should always ensure to upkeep that same building.

As the same with most spas within the London area, you will not find a membership price anywhere on the site. And just the same as most spas within London, you will find the prices for a massage. The correlation between the prices of the message is how you can first note the difference in prices. For every (roughly) £50 difference in the massage, you will find a £10 difference in the membership price. Here at the Pasha Spa, they offer massages starting at £95. This is actually very good for a basic massage, and half the price of the ESPA Life spa that we reviewed previously.

This is where however, I came across yet another problem on their website. Visiting their special offers page, you will be redirected to two options for said offers. One option is simply titled “Gift Vouchers”, while the other offer is titled “Pasha Bazaar”. The gift vouchers option doesn’t take you anywhere. IT takes you to a webpage that just says gift vouchers. Nothing else. You can’t even click it. The Bazaar? Nothing too. There are no offers. It’s just their shop.

I’ve just had enough of Pasha Spa. 5 minutes on their website made me realise I don’t want to go there. I’m sure the spa itself is nice, but if you are willing to build something that lazily, then that building just isn’t for me.

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