The Spa!

One of the oldest and even one of the greatest inventions in terms of living spaces within the world is the spa. It’s one of the oldest building types within the world, and has been around since even the roman times. It has consistently been mentioned around the world in the history books as a building that has been used by the biggest names in history such as the Caesars and even Cleopatra herself. The spa is most likely one of the most luxurious and important rooms, especially when you consider people are still willing to spend hundreds and thousands to use a spa in exotic locations all around the world.

During this blog, we are going to be reviewing some of the spas that are based in the capital city of England, London. We are going to review everything from the buildings and the architecture itself to the price and locations. We will even be reviewing the aesthetics of the building both externally and internally to see if we think that they are one of the better ones in the city of London. We are consistently going to be looking at the most expensive spas with the highest reputations to see if it matches with the expectations we have. Since spas can often be extravagant and expensive, it is normal to assume that you will often get the value for money within the stay. This is often incorrect, and you can expect that the expectations do not match the price.

There are many spas around the London area, often they are connected to either fitness gyms or hotels that are part of a chain such as Hilton hotels and the like. The spas themselves are either run in conjunction with the chain that it is associated to, or are run separately within the same building. However, there are also many independent spas that are run within itself as a company. These are the companies we will mainly be looking at, since they are the ones who have built their own spa into something they wish to be extravagant and a reputation to precede them. These are the ones that are designed by separate individuals that are created to stand out against each other, and we want to ensure that they do before some spend a large amount of money for very little reason.

I am a builder myself, but I love spas mainly because a few years back I took my wife to a spa for a couple of weeks. It was a resort and spa in the Maldives, and we really loved it. In time, we began to start using spas across the world and especially in London to relax and ease off the stresses of work. A lot of the time we take it as a mini break away from work and we just enjoy our time and company. That is often why I enjoy both using the spa itself and but also the building in and outside of the spa itself. As a builder I like seeing the differences between buildings around the city, country and the world itself and it is something I can also take joy in when it comes to spas too.

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