ESPA Life at Corinthia

The first spa we will be looking at during our blog Capital City Spa’s will be the ESPA Life spa. This is one of the spas in London with a very large reputation for being a newer and more refined spa according to its owners. The spa itself is not very far from Trafalgar square, which is a popular tourist destination in the city of London and is also a large landmark in the capital city of London. The spa itself is also claimed by the company to be a pioneering new concept considered by the owners, and is also considered to offer a holistic and new approach to wellbeing while bringing a large team of very experienced and “unrivalled” choice of beauty therapy treatments. This also includes alternative complementary treatments apart from spas, and offer therapies, fitness programmes, a hair salon and even a beauty treatment.

They boast many things at the ESPA Life spa, all of which make it sound in high esteem and regard. One of the things that they boast as a company is that they have put together a critically acclaimed team of skilled workers such as globally acclaimed neuropaths, acupuncturists, osteopaths, herbalists, Chinese medicines and even personal trainers to create and tailor a specific “lifestyle programme” for every customer. This would be a tailor-made programme which promotes “wellbeing and optimal health plans” that ensure the customer gets the most out of their service as possible.

The spa itself is quite large, and the building itself is large enough to fit multiple different services all at once. The spa itself is spread over a total of four floors, with the treatment centre boasting a grand total of 17 different treatment rooms to use. This also includes a private suite for spa purposes, a nail studio for the female customers and even a thermal floor within their indoor swimming pool room. Some of the other rooms they have suggest more niche services, such as a vitality pool of which I’m not sure the difference of, and a marble heated lounger. They also have private sleep pods and an ice fountain. The other room that is of interest to me personally is the amphitheatre sauna. Finally, there is a 24/7 “Technogym”, which features the leading technology in fitness equipment and comes fully furnished with a rehab and personal trainer service.

The interesting thing about the ESPA Life is the membership options and facilities options within the spa. In specifically, what I find interesting are the prices for the facilities, or rather the lack of prices. If you look within the membership options in the spa, you would notice that at no point do they offer the membership prices. They do not offer prices to use the gym and the spa facilities, nor many of the spa features that they boast about. What you would notice however, are the prices for the massages. The massage prices are very large and very expensive when you compare it to the ordinary prices. A “Wellness Massage” which is just a standard massage for any customer is at minimum £195. A standard message anywhere else within the London are within the £50 price range. So in my gut, I have to assume that the pricing does not meet value for money.

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