Sienna Spa in Manchester

The next spa that we shall be looking at is the Sienna Spa for body and mind located in the city of Manchester, England. The reasons that I have decided to look at this spa today is because of the building company Manchester Builders & Construction. They are a group of builders in Manchester, England who renovated the property when it was bought by the current company, and they are the ones who turned me onto this spa. While the building itself is as perfect as can be, you can obviously imagine there are a few things that I am not as happy about with the spa company itself! They are some of the more obvious flaws that I usually find within spa companies, so I am hoping that these do not follow the exact same suit.

The one thing that I really do like when it comes to the Sienna Spa and especially their website is their “about page”, which is more like their home page than anything else. While the other spas have often made the mistake of not adding any information at all to their home page or about page, the Sienna Spa took the opportunity to sell their facility very well. The first paragraph on the about page of Sienna Spa goes into detail regarding their 5-star facilities. They say that they have a spa that will guarantee that you receive a luxurious day within the spa while also having excellent leisure and fitness facilities, meaning that no matter why you visit, you will have an amazing visit. They also explain that no matter who you are with in terms of family, friends or even associates, you will receive the same first-class treatment and atmosphere no matter what.

The spa itself also sells themselves on having a relaxation room. They say that within the relaxation room, the main aim is to allow for comfy seats and gentle lighting mixed with peaceful music to make you feel as comfortable and at home as possible. They also offer herbal tea for free while you are staying, meaning that you can appreciate the tranquillity and peace while taking full advantage of the room itself. The spa will also allow space to cool off from the relaxation room, by taking full advantage of the swimming pool within the facilities. They have a 12-metre decked swimming pool and a poolside lounge for those to relax in while they enjoy their time. Included with this are a Nordic sauna and steam room for customers and clients to use while relaxing. Finally, the most interesting part of the spa poolside is the use of a whirlpool bath with both relaxation therapies and normal traditional heating.

The last real selling point of the spa is the air-conditioned gymnasium that the clients can use. The gym itself like many spas is equipped with the highest quality equipment, using TechnoGym equipment and staff who are professionally trained to help clients use the machines and other pieces of equipment within the gym.

I think personally that the Sienna Spa is the best that we have looked out throughout the blog. The spa itself not only looks amazing and has the facilities to match, but the website itself is just as good.

Thai Square Spa

The next spa that we will be looking at within this blog will be the Thai Square Spa in London. According to reviews, it is a spa that is on the same level (if a little bit worse) than the ESPA Life is considered. The spa itself is conveniently located on Northumberland Avenue, which is one of the more classier places in London. The capital city is quite nice, but there are some nice streets and locations within the city itself, and this spa happens to be within one of those very special places. The spa itself also boasts within the website that it is a World Luxury Spa, winning the 2017 World Luxury Spa award. The one thing that this spa suffers from that the previous spa that we reviewed also suffers from, it is a very weak website that will do nothing to attract customers.

The issue with the Thai Square Spa website is that the front page itself simply announces that the spa won an award, and shows a few pictures. That is really all that you would be able to see on the home page of the website. Apart from that, you can see two buttons. One of the buttons say, “View Our Treatments” while the other says “Buy Voucher”. While I will move onto the treatments that the spas offer themselves in a moment, I will say there is something that is inherently wrong with the Buy Voucher idea. The simple problem with it is that you shouldn’t be buying a voucher to begin with. A voucher is meant to offer you a lower price or maybe even a free day of use within the spa itself. You shouldn’t have to pay for the privilege of getting a voucher, since you still must spend money. You don’t save anything.

Now that we have spoken about such a stupid idea, it is time to get into the selling point of the spa itself, which are its treatments. Their most important treatments seem to be the “Body Treatments”, being listed first. The spa itself sells these treatments as exotic treatments which have been inspired by Thai rituals that are said to bestow healing and pleasant effects. Some of these body treatments are also said to give total relaxation within the person being treated, and allows the same client to feel a refreshing, exfoliating and refreshing action.

The next treatment that the spa itself offers are facial treatments, which they sell by first exclaiming that Royal Thai ladies are famous due to their immaculate complexions, whose secret was kept to themselves. I don’t really know where to start with that line, but that is what the spa announced. They also sell their facial treatments by talking about their products, which are apparently made of 7 different Thai flowers pollen, with the mix supposedly contributing to the same immaculate complexion. To be honest, I really couldn’t comment on this at all. This includes the legitimacy of any of the claims they made regarding skin care, or any of the products themselves.

I don’t really want to talk too much about the spa treatments, as I can’t really make heads or tails of how legitimate it is. I will say however, the spa has received decent reviews, so it may be worth checking it out.

Pasha Spa

The next spa we will be looking at here at Capital City Spa is the Pasha Turkish Bath & Ottoman Hammam. Now, according to Trip Advisor this is the most recommended spa and wellness centre in the entirety of the capital. From what I can tell however, unlike the building itself the website needs a lot more work done to it. The entire build of the website may be one of the hardest to navigate and ugliest sites that I have ever seen. While I was hoping to click onto a website that is as beautiful as the spa itself seems, and especially as beautiful as the exterior of the building looks, I must say that I am terribly disappointed. IT does not even seem to match the general feel and atmosphere of the spa itself, and if you were to click on the gallery page of the website you would find yourself immersed if the website itself was about to match. If you are the best wellness centre and spa in the entirety of the capital city, you would expect something not only much more professional but also much more appealing and attractive than what you would see.

I do not want to focus too much on the website itself, because then the whole “review” would be incredibly nit-picky and boring. There is one more thing I would like to focus on within the website however. The actual navigation is so incredibly difficult to find information within their own website, that you would almost must look elsewhere to find out anything you would want to know. Their home page is so basic and lacking in important information that there is almost no point to it. You would not find any relevant information, and as best you may find a deal that you could redeem. You will not find any appealing information or any content that would genuinely make you want to visit their establishment. While the actual building is of course important for any business, a website is now the exact same. It is the digital building of your company, and you should always ensure to upkeep that same building.

As the same with most spas within the London area, you will not find a membership price anywhere on the site. And just the same as most spas within London, you will find the prices for a massage. The correlation between the prices of the message is how you can first note the difference in prices. For every (roughly) £50 difference in the massage, you will find a £10 difference in the membership price. Here at the Pasha Spa, they offer massages starting at £95. This is actually very good for a basic massage, and half the price of the ESPA Life spa that we reviewed previously.

This is where however, I came across yet another problem on their website. Visiting their special offers page, you will be redirected to two options for said offers. One option is simply titled “Gift Vouchers”, while the other offer is titled “Pasha Bazaar”. The gift vouchers option doesn’t take you anywhere. IT takes you to a webpage that just says gift vouchers. Nothing else. You can’t even click it. The Bazaar? Nothing too. There are no offers. It’s just their shop.

I’ve just had enough of Pasha Spa. 5 minutes on their website made me realise I don’t want to go there. I’m sure the spa itself is nice, but if you are willing to build something that lazily, then that building just isn’t for me.

ESPA Life at Corinthia

The first spa we will be looking at during our blog Capital City Spa’s will be the ESPA Life spa. This is one of the spas in London with a very large reputation for being a newer and more refined spa according to its owners. The spa itself is not very far from Trafalgar square, which is a popular tourist destination in the city of London and is also a large landmark in the capital city of London. The spa itself is also claimed by the company to be a pioneering new concept considered by the owners, and is also considered to offer a holistic and new approach to wellbeing while bringing a large team of very experienced and “unrivalled” choice of beauty therapy treatments. This also includes alternative complementary treatments apart from spas, and offer therapies, fitness programmes, a hair salon and even a beauty treatment.

They boast many things at the ESPA Life spa, all of which make it sound in high esteem and regard. One of the things that they boast as a company is that they have put together a critically acclaimed team of skilled workers such as globally acclaimed neuropaths, acupuncturists, osteopaths, herbalists, Chinese medicines and even personal trainers to create and tailor a specific “lifestyle programme” for every customer. This would be a tailor-made programme which promotes “wellbeing and optimal health plans” that ensure the customer gets the most out of their service as possible.

The spa itself is quite large, and the building itself is large enough to fit multiple different services all at once. The spa itself is spread over a total of four floors, with the treatment centre boasting a grand total of 17 different treatment rooms to use. This also includes a private suite for spa purposes, a nail studio for the female customers and even a thermal floor within their indoor swimming pool room. Some of the other rooms they have suggest more niche services, such as a vitality pool of which I’m not sure the difference of, and a marble heated lounger. They also have private sleep pods and an ice fountain. The other room that is of interest to me personally is the amphitheatre sauna. Finally, there is a 24/7 “Technogym”, which features the leading technology in fitness equipment and comes fully furnished with a rehab and personal trainer service.

The interesting thing about the ESPA Life is the membership options and facilities options within the spa. In specifically, what I find interesting are the prices for the facilities, or rather the lack of prices. If you look within the membership options in the spa, you would notice that at no point do they offer the membership prices. They do not offer prices to use the gym and the spa facilities, nor many of the spa features that they boast about. What you would notice however, are the prices for the massages. The massage prices are very large and very expensive when you compare it to the ordinary prices. A “Wellness Massage” which is just a standard massage for any customer is at minimum £195. A standard message anywhere else within the London are within the £50 price range. So in my gut, I have to assume that the pricing does not meet value for money.

The Spa!

One of the oldest and even one of the greatest inventions in terms of living spaces within the world is the spa. It’s one of the oldest building types within the world, and has been around since even the roman times. It has consistently been mentioned around the world in the history books as a building that has been used by the biggest names in history such as the Caesars and even Cleopatra herself. The spa is most likely one of the most luxurious and important rooms, especially when you consider people are still willing to spend hundreds and thousands to use a spa in exotic locations all around the world.

During this blog, we are going to be reviewing some of the spas that are based in the capital city of England, London. We are going to review everything from the buildings and the architecture itself to the price and locations. We will even be reviewing the aesthetics of the building both externally and internally to see if we think that they are one of the better ones in the city of London. We are consistently going to be looking at the most expensive spas with the highest reputations to see if it matches with the expectations we have. Since spas can often be extravagant and expensive, it is normal to assume that you will often get the value for money within the stay. This is often incorrect, and you can expect that the expectations do not match the price.

There are many spas around the London area, often they are connected to either fitness gyms or hotels that are part of a chain such as Hilton hotels and the like. The spas themselves are either run in conjunction with the chain that it is associated to, or are run separately within the same building. However, there are also many independent spas that are run within itself as a company. These are the companies we will mainly be looking at, since they are the ones who have built their own spa into something they wish to be extravagant and a reputation to precede them. These are the ones that are designed by separate individuals that are created to stand out against each other, and we want to ensure that they do before some spend a large amount of money for very little reason.

I am a builder myself, but I love spas mainly because a few years back I took my wife to a spa for a couple of weeks. It was a resort and spa in the Maldives, and we really loved it. In time, we began to start using spas across the world and especially in London to relax and ease off the stresses of work. A lot of the time we take it as a mini break away from work and we just enjoy our time and company. That is often why I enjoy both using the spa itself and but also the building in and outside of the spa itself. As a builder I like seeing the differences between buildings around the city, country and the world itself and it is something I can also take joy in when it comes to spas too.